Vacuum Therapy for Impotence Treatment

If your life is being hampered by erectile dysfunction, we’re here to help. The Encore System uses vacuum therapy to help you maintain an erection and enjoy intimate moments with your partner. It is an all-natural method of impotence therapy that can give you quick and effective results. Best of all, it’s covered by Medicare and most private insurance! Don’t let anything get in the way of those special moments – give us a call to get your vacuum therapy system today!

Why Choose Vacuum Therapy

There are a lot of options out there for impotence treatment, so why choose vacuum therapy? The answer is simple: it’s all-natural and provides clinically proven treatment to give you the results you desire. Many times, erectile dysfunction is caused by other diseases such as diabetes, so you might not feel comfortable taking medication to help you when you’re already taking pills regularly. Since vacuum therapy is all-natural, you don’t have to worry about taking yet another pill. You can use it when you need it without associated medication. Plus, it is 90% successful regardless of what causes your impotence.

How Vacuum Therapy Works

The Encore System uses vacuum therapy to help you enjoy intimate moments with your partner. The vacuum increases blood flow to the penis, making it rigid. The erection is maintained by placing a soft ring at the base of the penis. With the use of vacuum therapy, getting and maintain an erection will no longer be a frustrating process. Just use the Encore System to get the results you desire and never have another embarrassing moment in the bedroom.

Our Vacuum Therapy Systems

We carry several different types of vacuum therapy systems, including battery powered pumps, manual pumps. Consider which option would be the most convenient and comfortable for you. All of our vacuum therapy systems come with different sized rings, a how-to-use video and manual, sample lubricants and more. You’ll also gain access to our toll-free help line in case you ever have questions about our vacuum therapy systems. Our impotence therapy has patented features to help make your experience simple and comfortable. For example, the ring ejection system makes putting on the ring to maintain an erection quick and easy – in fact, all it takes is a simple twist of the ring ejector. You don’t have to worry about losing your erection once you remove the pump, since the ring will already be in place.

Get Your Free Vacuum Therapy System from FreedoMed

FreedoMed can provide you with The Encore System that will best meet your needs, and you could even get it for free! If Medicare is your primary insurance and you’ve met your annual deductible, there won’t be any upfront costs for your vacuum therapy system! Our impotence treatment is also covered by some private insurance. So don’t suffer any longer with erectile dysfunction – contact us today to get your vacuum therapy system and never miss out on an intimate moment again!

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